User experience, monetization, game design and front-end development for mobile free-to-play games.

With 10 years experience leading the design and development of mobile free-to-play games, I am able to take a game from strategy and conception through to ship and live operations. Whether you need UX design expertise, development support or consultation on your game, my skills and experience throughout the development process allow me to plug into any phase of your project to help your game succeed.

Past Project Highlights

The Walking Dead: March to War (2017)

Mobile multiplayer 4X/war with $1+ ARPDAU game created for The Walking Dead comic book series. My role as Creative Director involved leading the art, design and ui/ux.

Star Trek Timelines (2015)

Character collection RPG with over 6 million downloads and $1+ ARPDAU. Originally released on iOS and Google Play, later ported to steam and facebook (webgl). I started on the team as a UX and Game Designer and trasitioned to a Creative Director role as we moved into soft launch and through to live release.

Game of Thrones Ascent (2014)

Free-to-play strategy game with over 10 million downloads. I came in to help Disruptor Beam port the ui and front end from facebook (HTML) to iOS native using XCode and Objective-C.

Word Swap (2013)

A fun, viral (2.1x k-factor) word game created for the Kik Messenger platform using HTML and AngularJS. I designed and developed this game alongside an engineer over 6 weeks.

Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast (2013)

Update for an existing title. Designed Stay Puft Marshmallow Man gameplay and wave based UX/gameplay (circular wave counter). Increased player retention 60% and increased ARPDAU 300% by introducing a new game progression system, gameplay balancing and adding the Stay Puft live event.

Drag Racer World (2012)

Led the design & development of social, multiplayer drag racing game for mobile platforms with a custom server technology. Drag Racer players are extremely passionate about and engaged with the product. Role: Lead Designer, Producer

Lousville Slugger Home Run Challenge (2011)

Used iterative design to create a rich feeling home run hitting game mechanic using an innovative swipe control. Created entire game in 6 weeks from conception to final submission. Role: Lead Designer, Producer, UX Design and Development

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If you are looking for full-cycle game design and development leadership or need a designer/developer to improve your ux, gameplay or monetization, please reach out with more details on your project and timeline. Thank you!